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02 December 2012 @ 12:45 am
my introduction  
greetings, from the very beginning of my pregnancy blog. i am very excited to be starting this, mainly because i'm so tragically bored now, but also because i've never sat down and just made an account of my rather eventful, nauseating, somewhat traumatic pregnancies. so here i am.

i have two other kids. i think that's the suckiest part about being sick all the time. when it was just me, who cares if i slept all day and didn't eat?! not me! but now, i have a seven year old, and a three year old, and i have to say, VERY demanding. (gosh, could you BE any more needy??!!?--just kidding, i quite adore my children) so a lot of times, i'm having to get up and just suck it up, make sippy-cups, and corn dogs and bowls of cereal (oh yes, my children WILL appreciate a home-cooked meal after this pregnancy) and still kiss boo-boos and break up fights between my two.

this is absolutely, most definitely my last pregnancy. i didn't know the human body could withstand as much as i feel i have. people constantly ask me how i'm feeling.. and i tell them the truth: i feel like a nice mug of death warmed over, with a heaping side of smelly and ugly. i can't keep a damn thing down unless i catch it in just the right window of time, and my head is in a toilet more than it is on a pillow. and then they say "oh... yeahhh... i was really sick in my pregnancy too". and you know what? i want to grab their ears and shake their heads and screeeeeam that they have NO idea what i'm talking about. no idea whatsoever.

i know it sounds like, rude and woe-is-me to utter such a thing, but honestly, right now i'm suffering, so i'm not exactly ALWAYS a glass-is-half-full kinda gal. deal with it.

i'm 14 weeks and about 2 days. i'm definitely starting this blog later in my pregnancy than i had hoped, but luckily nothing much has happened yet. i'm fighting with the insurance company for a supply of more than 20 Zofran per month. i don't know about every other HG-sufferer, but Zofran works fine-and-dandy to me. i do, however, wish i was getting the attention i deserve--i've already lost 15 lbs and that's clearly 5% of my PPW. without my Zofran, i definitely would spend the entire day vomiting. i can't keep water down this pregnancy. it's an emetic for me. so is juice. which sucks, because that pretty much leaves me with pop. but it stays down.

my body is freaking me out. i can feel the baby growing, but i'm already losing weight off my torso region.. i lost 30 lbs with my first child (Malachi, 7) and 45 lbs with my daughter (Kamilah, 3) and i'm pretty nervous to see what i lose this time. i don't care how much weight i gain OR lose, as long as Baby Alexander comes out healthy and happy. i am pretty nervous for the next 6 months, but i will find some comfort in being able to write about it and express myself.

now that i'm an old, preggo, pukey monster... 12:44 am is a SUPER late bedtime. until i blog again.

14 weeks, 3 days
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